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A Level 2019

A Level Success at Roundwood Park School

Roundwood Park School had another year of fantastic success for its students with many moving off to great universities and exciting careers. Students such as Derin Bekat (Durham University to study Physics and Astronomy, Charlotte Jones (Oxford University to study Geography), Katie Ellins (Nottingham University to study Nursing) and Harry Morris (Durham University to study Economics) were ecstatic with a string of excellent grades and high hopes for the future. Headteacher, Alan Henshall, said “Results like these can only be achieved with a huge team effort. The greatest credit goes to the students but they have been supported all the way by the staff of Roundwood Park and their parents. Congratulations to all of them”.

A Level 2019

Picture from left to right: Bora Derin Bekat (2 A* grades, 2 A grades), Theo Thomas (1 A* grade, 2 A grades), Hugh O’Sullivan (1 A grade, 2 B grades), Samuel Booth (2 A* grades, 1 A grade), Katie Ellins (BTEC Distinction, 1 A grade, 1 B grade), Alex Mason (3 A* grades, 1 A grade), Charlotte Jones (1 A* grade, 2 A grades), Harry Morris (3 A* grades).

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GCSE success at Roundwood Park

Students at Roundwood Park were celebrating their GCSE successes. Congratulations to all of our students and we thank their parents and the Roundwood Park staff for their unwavering support.

Headteacher Alan Henshall said “As well as the large number of grade 9s it is particularly pleasing to see students of all abilities and on all courses reaching their potential. Congratulations to all of our students.”

IMG 3866














From left to right above: Henry Wall (8 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8); Adam Shooshtarian (8 x grade 9, 1 x grade 8, 1 x grade 7); Megan King (8 x grade 9, 1 x grade 8); Sophie Green (1 x grade 9, 8 x grade 8); Hope Kneller (4 x grade 9, 3 x grade 8, 2 x grade 7); James Gibson (1 x grade 9, 7 x grade 8, 1 x grade 7); Rajan Rana (6 x grade 9, 1 x grade 8, 2 x grade 7).

AchieveEve19  (47)

RoundUp 133 : Friday 19th July 2019

The latest edition of RoundUp has just been published.  Please click here to read our latest news and information.


The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme

12 students across years 8 and 9 have taken part in a programme to visit 2 highly selective universities and then to produce a piece of very challenging academic writing. These very hardworking and motivated students kicked off the programme by visiting Jesus College, Oxford University, followed by working with a PhD tutor to produce a piece of work by the title ‘The British Prime Minister’. Upon receiving feedback that all 12 had successfully passed this assignment, they were then invited, along with their families, to celebrate at a graduation event at Goldsmith’s, University of London. 9 students with their families were able to attend this graduation day to receive their certificates.

These student had to juggle the challenge of completing this programme along with preparing for and sitting their end of year tests in class. This meant they had to display excellent time management, focus and determination – many of the characteristics that we see in our highest achieving students.

We are very, very proud of them and see this as just the start of a very bright and successful future.

Well done to you all!


Mr P Binks

Assistant Headteacher – Student Achievement