Coronavirus Update – 19th March 2020

The situation has become somewhat clearer today but there are still many questions that we have as educationists, parents and students. What we do know is that some provision is being made for the children of key workers and vulnerable students in certain categories. We will be obtaining information on whether you are a key worker or in need of extra support tomorrow. Please look out for an InTouch message which will be sent mid-morning.

It saddens us greatly that we are unable to run leavers’ days for Years 11 and 13 and, with the school likely to be closed for most, if not all, of next term, we are unable to set a new date. Therefore, we will do final assemblies only for Year 11 and 13 students tomorrow. These will be much scaled down events and we will miss greatly our staff and students who are self-isolating or unwell but we will be thinking of them all during these events.

It is still not clear how grades will be awarded this summer. I would politely ask that students and parents refrain from putting pressure on teachers to improve the grades for students. Any predictions that we may be asked to make will be made on the teachers’ professional judgement. In the meantime, we are asking Year 11 and 13 to work as hard as they can for the foreseeable future, whether that is at school tomorrow or at home in the coming weeks, to make sure that they give the best possible impression of the academic standard they have reached at the end of the course.

Finally, I am delighted to say that due to the help of part time staff who do not normally work on Fridays we will be able to open to all year groups tomorrow. Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will all have assemblies where we will support them, tell them how we will care for them when they are not in school and set out our expectations of the standards of work we require.

I hope that you and your families take care and continue to stay healthy. I am thinking of you all.

Kind regards

Alan Henshall


17:47 on Thursday 19th March 2020