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Rachel Ferguson’s charity cycle ride across Europe!

Rachel Ferguson, class of  2006, studied at the University of Cambridge. She had embarked on a charity cycle ride from Munich to Trieste in northern Italy through the Austrian Alps stopping in Salzburg, Ljubljana and some lesser known European towns on route. They set off on the challenge aiming to raise funds for Unicef, Water Aid, World Land Trust and the Red Cross at the end of May.

Unfortunately Rachel had an accident on the fifth and final day, having already done the hard graft covering 420 miles and climbing inclines of up to 15%. An ambulance returned her to Ljubljana. Rachel is pleased to report their A&E is a highly efficient operation and thankfully she escaped with only a broken wrist and a fine by the Slovenian police for “dangerous driving”. Her helmet, layers of clothing and a well stocked back pocket of sandwiches broke her fall. She says “I’ll definitely never be cycling without a helmet, though a new one is on order. I will however ensure I’m cycling with a lawyer next time”.

Given that Rachel almost completed her charity cycle journey she would  appreciate any donations.  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/CBRE-M2T