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Welcome to Biology at Roundwood Park School. My name is Mark Connor and I am the Subject Leader of Biology. At Roundwood Park School we follow the Edexcel Biology A (SNAB) specification. This is a context led specification with the subject matter delivered around 8 central topics over the 2 year course. This not only makes the course approachable, but also gives real world applications to the key biological concepts. The 8 topics are assessed at the end of the 2 year course in 3 separate examinations. There is no coursework or practical examination.

There are 18 Core practicals that are conducted throughout the 2 year course and these are assessed in the final examination series. We have well-resourced labs and include many extra practical experiments above and beyond the 18 core practicals.

Biology is a popular subject at RPS, with 3 groups in the current Year 12 cohort. Learning is supported outside of lessons with weekly support sessions, the Biology Literature Club, a well resourced VLE area and a dedicated teacher and technician team. As part of the course students go on several trips, including Whipsnade Zoo, Kew Gardens and also a residential Ecology field Trip.

To find out more information click on either the shorter video clip to have a quick overview of the course, or for a more in depth look and to hear from some of our current Year 12 and 13 students, click on the longer video. I have also included our Curriculum Map as well as our road map detailing the path through the course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at m.connor@roundwoodpark.co.uk.

I look forward to seeing you in September!

Mr Connor 


Please click on the video below to find out more about A-Level Biology at Roundwood Park

Please click on the video below to hear detailed information regarding A-Level Biology at Roundwood Park

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