Welcome to A-Level Photography

I’m Rob Mercel, I lead photography at Roundwood Park and have the pleasure of teaching alongside Emily Ball.

Mrs Ball and I have many years of experience teaching photography at A level and are both very proud of the course. You will be given technical instruction, challenged to develop your technical and artistic skill and begin to think in a more abstract and artistic way

Have a look through both the short and long presentations and take note of the images that are created by our students, they really do work to a high level. Many students go off to study creative subjects at University and are often told that their A level work is on a similar level to the first year of degree study.

We like to support artistic endeavour and creative flair, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out new ideas and experiment with different mediums. I look forward to discussing this with you in the future.


Please click on the video below to hear detailed information regarding A-Level Photography at Roundwood Park

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