Welcome to A-Level History

I’m Mrs Upton, Head of History at Roundwood Park School.  If you love learning about past events then choosing this subject is the perfect choose for you. The range of topics studied is varied and will develop your knowledge on Early Tudor history, the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Russia and its rulers from 1855-1964. You also have the exciting option of choosing your own coursework question tailored to your personal interests whether that be the Vietnam war, the witch craze or Nazi Germany.

Studying A-Level History will also help you gain important skills that will be invaluable as you progress to university or a career. These skills include analysing historical sources, prioritising information, as well as researching and communicating your arguments clearly.

As a supportive department we will help you every step of the way to be successful. The department uses work and assessment booklets to support your learning as well as a wide range of textbooks, historical articles/readers, documentaries, podcasts etc.

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