RPS Summer Virtual Concert – Part 2: Available Saturday 18th July, 6pm

Y11 Band: ‘Dance with me Tonight’, arranged by L Akroyd
L Akroyd, T Gibson, J Mills, E Piepgrass, K Stapleton, G Stapleton, E Waterhouse (Y11)

T Craig: (Year 8): ‘Sleepy Town Blues’ by Ben Crosland

L Bates: (Year 9): ‘She Used to be Mine’ from the musical Waitress

O Binns (Year 7): ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana

D Gaches (Year 8): ‘A Kwela for Caitlin’ by Richard Michael

UTOPIA (Yr 9 Band): ‘Delusions’, Own composition
G Bandell, L Bates, B Tant, O Datta, T Miller

B Taylor-Rose (Year 7): Beethoven sonata in G op.14 No. 2 2nd movement

RPS Flute choir: ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ Harold Arlen.
G Stapleton (Y11), K Stapleton (Y11), E Craig (Y10), L Akroyd (Y11), H Hume (Y10), E Corran (Y8)

A Rothwell: (Year 7) ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day

The Stapleton Family: ‘Wondering’ by Josh Cumbee and Jordan Powers
K Stapleton (Y11), G Stapleton (Y11) and E Stapleton (Y8)

L Harrison (Y11): ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin

H Johnson: (Year 8) ‘Ts and Cs’- Own composition

The Peel Family: ‘Golden Slumbers’ by the Beatles
A Peel (Y9), O Peel (Y8), Mr Peter Peel

RPS Summer Virtual Concert – Part 1: Available Friday 17th July, 6pm

O Benfield (Year 7): ‘Dusty Blue’ by June Armstrong

RPS Chamber Choir: ‘Tonight’ by Leonard Bernstein – H Kneller (Y12), G Stapleton (Y11), K Stapleton (Y11), A Corran (Y10), S Psaila (Y11), J Mills (Y11)

A Sharp: (Year 12)’Theme from Strictly’ by McGrath and Phillips

S Havenga: (Year 7): ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen

J Mills (Y11) and I Mills (Year 7): ‘ The Entertainer’ By Scott Joplin

B Abbs: (Year 10): ‘Clair de lure’ by Debussy

S Warren: (Year 8): ‘Figure it Out’ by Royal Blood

G Lama: (Year 8) ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Alan Menken and Howards Asman

A Sunkel: (Year 10): ‘Linus & Lucy’ by Vince Guaraldi

A O’Gorman (Year 7): ‘A Team’ by Ed Sheeran

A Corran (Year 10) and E Corran (Year 8): ‘Cakewalk’

L Akroyd (Year 11): ‘Bare Necessities’ arranged by Louise’s sister

M Gaches (Year 9): ‘I dreamed a Dream’ from the musical Les Miserables

H Kneller (Year 12): ‘On My Own’ from the musical Les Miserables

RPS Staff Choir: ‘Rule the World’ by Take That

RPS Virtual Concert – Part 2: Available Saturday 2nd May, 6pm

A Thomas (Year 10): ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’ by Mark Gordon

N Ireson-Crompton (Year 11): ‘Breathe’ from the musical In The Heights

S Havenga (Year 7): ‘Faded’ by Alan Walker

T Jupe (Year 10) & Family: ‘Seven Nations Army’ by The White Stripes

A Corran (Year 10): ‘Sérénade sur l’eau’ by J Ibert

G Lama (Year 8): ‘For Good’ from Wicked

G Moseley (Year 8): ‘Mad World’ by Richard Rodney Bennett

K Keddy (Year 11): ‘Violin Shostakovich 5 pieces for 2 violins, 1st movement’

E Phillips (Year 8): ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay

A O’Gorman (Year 7): ‘Wild Wood’ by Paul Weller

L Akroyd, T Gibson, J Mills, E Piepgrass, K Stapleton, G Stapleton, E Waterhouse (Year 11): ‘Mamma Mia’ by Abba

L Darby (Year 11): ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ by Harold Arlen

RPS Virtual Concert – Part 1: Available Friday 1st May, 6pm

D Willits (Year 13): ‘Feeling Good’ covered by Muse

E Vallance (Year 8): ‘Let me down Slowly’ by Alec Benjamin

A Sharp (Year 12): ‘Bone Idyll’ by Christopher Mowat

J Howie (Year 7): ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ by Scott Joplin

The Virtual Chamber Choir – J Mills (Y11), N Ireson-Crompton (Y11), H Kneller (Y12), E Corran (Y8), A Corran (Y10), K Stapleton (Y11), G Stapleton (Y11), Miss Dale: ‘Sanctus’ by Bob Chilcott

I Bright (Year 7): ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi

A Merritt (Year 7): ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Beethoven

J Mills (Year 11): ‘Pink Panther’ by Henry Mancini

B Taylor-Rose (Year 7): ‘Sonata in G, Op 14. 2’ Beethoven

A Holmes (Year 11) & Family: ‘City of Stars’ arranged by the Holmes Family

H Johnson (Year 8): ‘Rewind the Clock’ own composition

L Harrison (Year 11): ‘Rosemary’s Waltz’ by Richard Rodney Bennett

H Kneller (Year 12): ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ from Funny Girl

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