Welcome to A-Level Physics

I’m Kathryn Robbins, Head of Physics at Roundwood Park School and I am proud to be part of a well-qualified team of teachers who are passionate about Physics.

On this page you should find all the information you need if you are interested in taking A Level Physics.  There is a short introductory video and some presentation slides which provide detail about the structure of the course; the content; entry requirements; regular trips; and why you should and (should not) study Physics at Roundwood Park School. It also shows you what previous students chose to do on leaving school and where they studied.

To hear thoughts on Physics at Roundwood Park from current and former students, please take a look at the videos.  These are made by two current year 12’s: Gemma & Katie, and by Aggie & George who left last year to study Engineering and Physics at the Universities of Oxford and Warwick respectively.

There is also a handout which summarises the key features of the course, and includes how it is assessed, the benefits and where A level Physics could lead you.

If you have any unanswered questions please contact me, Dr Ilaria Inglima or Mr Jean-Michel Jacquinot; we will be happy to help.  We can all be found in person in the science office and by phone on extension 266.


Please click on the video below to find out more about A-Level Physics at Roundwood Park

Please click on the video below to hear about physics from two of our current students and two of our ex-students currently studying at University

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