Welcome to A-Level Art

I am Jenny Durdey, Head of Art and Design at Roundwood Park School. We offer A level Fine Art, Photography and Textiles. 

Art and Design is a subject that assesses your creative thinking. The A level courses will build your confidence to develop your observational and practical skills, analysis of the visual world and allow you to express your individual identity. 

The Art and Design studios are inspiring spaces where you can be yourself, share ideas and experiences, whilst working in a creative and supportive environment.

Studying Art and Design at A level will help you develop a creative approach to life and experience the value of achieving success through progressive learning.

Art and Design develops skills and character necessary for many careers in the creative industries and desirable in careers outside the arts.

In the longer presentation, there are some good links to information about careers in the creative industries and the value of art in other careers. Please take a look at these slides.

“Art in school…should be right up there in the front because I think art teaches you to deal with the world around you, it is the oxygen that makes all other subjects breathe”

Alan Parker. Film director.


Please click on the video below to hear detailed information regarding A-Level Art at Roundwood Park

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