Welcome to A-Level Chemistry

Welcome to the Chemistry department at Roundwood Park! 

My name is Helena Budarkiewicz and I am the Head of Chemistry here at RPS.

Choosing Chemistry for A Level is the beginning of a great journey; not only will you learn infinitely more about the molecular world than you thought imaginable, but you will learn to stretch your own capabilities and develop study skills that last a lifetime. 

Chemistry is a requirement for many university courses,  but on top of this, everyone who has loved Chemistry so far, worked hard and flourished at GCSE, will enjoy Chemistry as a fascinating science in it’s own right.  

You will get challenged and encouraged in equal measures, allowing you to develop resilience, independence and confidence – Chemistry will make you stand out for all the right reasons in higher education or employment.

If you have any questions about Chemistry A Level, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email:  (h.budarkiewicz@roundwoodpark.co.uk).


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