Welcome to A-Level Maths

On this page you should find all the information you need if you are interested in taking A Level Mathematics.  The presentation slides provide detail about the structure of the course; the content; entry requirements; our team; and why studying Mathematics at Roundwood Park School is regarded with such high esteem.  There are also hints about why an A Level in Mathematics may be of benefit in the future for any student, and suggestions about what career paths this qualification may open up.  Below you will also find a short handout which summarises the course information and includes my contact details should you have any further queries.  

Mrs C Davies

Head of Mathematics

Note: if you are interested in continuing Maths studies post 16, but do not wish to undertake A Level Maths, please take a look at our Core Maths course on the Enrichment page


Please click on the video below to find out more about A-Level Maths at Roundwood Park

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