Welcome to A-Level French

I’m Catherine Phillips, Head of KS5 French at Roundwood Park School. 

French A-level builds upon the work you have done at GCSE and will enable you to become more confident at speaking and writing in French. Through the varied, engaging and stimulating course you will develop a greater understanding of the French you read and hear and become a confident communicator in French. You will gain a better understanding of French grammar and will be able to use it more effectively. 

The course is not just about learning the language as you will also develop an insight into contemporary French Society and experience the culture of French speaking countries. This includes studying a French film and a piece of French literature.

A-Level French is an excellent foundation for further study and is a highly respected qualification and, although language learning is a challenge, it is also both fun and rewarding.

If you are interested in finding out more about the A level French course at Roundwood Park, please click on the videos and documents below. I have included my contact details at the end of the full-length video if you would like further guidance or specific queries about the course. We Look forward to welcoming you to A Level French at Roundwood Park and would like to take this opportunity to wish you well in your GCSEs.


Please click on the video below to find out more about A-Level French at Roundwood Park

Please click on the video below to hear detailed information regarding A-Level French at Roundwood Park

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