Charlotte Lore 2013

Charlotte Lore [2009]

Charlotte gained a BA [1st class hons] in English from the University of Leicester in 2012. She is now working in publishing in London.

Mark Baddeley 2013

Mark Baddeley [1980]

After leaving Roundwood Park, Mark gained a BSc(hons) in Computer Science from Loughborough University. He moved to New Zealand where he worked extensively for the military in Architecture & Design in the New Zealand Defence Force. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer for the NZDF.

Ned Young 2013

Ned Young [1997]

Ned gained a BA(hons) degree in Multimedia Design from Southanpton Solent University in 2000.  Since that time he has worked on web desins. He is currently a Learning Consultant with EON in Wales.

Paul Dean 2013

Paul Dean [2000]

Paul gained a law degree (LLB) from the University of Leeds in 2003. Paul has worked in New Zealand and Canada. He is an experienced recruitment/sales professional  currently working as a Sales Specialist inAt Alexander Mann Solutions in British Columbia.

Jeremy Streeton 2012

Jeremy Streeton [1990]

Jeremy is currently a Project Construction Manager at Samujan Estate in Thailand. After gaining a degree in Construction  Studies from the University of Hertfordshire, Jeremy has gained a wide range of experience in the construction business especially in the Far East.

Deborah Lythgoe 2000

Deborah Lythgoe [2000]

Debbie gained a 1st class Hons degree in Economics & Finance from Bristol University. She gained experince in finance working  for multinational companies before assuming her current position as Head of Finance for Open Reach at BT. Debbie was a star hockey player for Harpenden  HC and continues to play sports and run.


Kate Borthwick 2 2013 199x179

Kate Borthwick [1996]

Kate gained a BSc in Sports and Leisure Science from Birmingham University in 1999 and then later an MSc in Sport and Leisure Communication from the University of Memphis. Always a keen and talented sportswoman (tennis, hockey etc ), Kate now owns, and is Company Director of, her own private tennis coaching company called ‘Tennis Angels’.

Gemma Dinham 2013

Gemma Dinham [2004]

Gemma gained an MA (hons) in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication as well as a BA(1st class hons) from Nottingham Trent  and a BTech Diploma in Art & Design from Middlesex University. After working  for a number of companies Gemma is now a Freelance Graphic Designer.

Matt Trenchard 20131

Matthew Trenchard [1996]

Matt gained a BSc(hons) in Computer Science from the University of Southampton in 2000. Keen on adventure sports, Matt started out running outdoor activity programmes in Scotland before moving to Dubai, where he works and lives. He is currently a professional Coach and Director at North Point Leadership.

James Love 2013

James Love [1984]

James gained an MA(hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 1987. He then went on to study at the College of Law and now runs his own legal practice in Yorkshire; James Love Legal. With over twenty years experience he is an expert lawyer in intellectual property.