Frank 100k in May Challenge

As an altruistic school, Roundwood Park raises lots of money for charity and this year is no different. We would like to continue this ethos, despite current circumstances and ask for you and all families to get involved in our 100K in May Challenge and raise money for charities who are supporting individuals struggling in the current national crisis [please read the accompanying presentation]. 

Whilst it is most important to stay safe and continue to practice our social distancing, it is also important that we look after our physical and mental health. The government suggests we exercise daily and this is what I am encouraging you all to do. We would like to invite you to participate in this massive, but very achievable, challenge. The more the merrier, students parents, carers, staff and even pets. For some of you this could be a great achievement developing self-discipline and perseverance. For others it could be an opportunity to continue with or revisit good exercise habits.

A few years ago I attempted to run 100k in the month of May as a personal challenge; then it occurred to me this could be something we could do as a community.

We would like you to walk or run 100km during the month of May, it is a long way but broken down into smaller more manageable chunks it is achievable for all (3.24km a day). If you have been inspired by Captain Tom and want to set yourself a real challenge, this is your chance to do something amazing to help people in need.

As a school we have decided that the money raised for this event will not go to our school charities, but to the charities being supported by ‘The Big Night In’ so that we can support the current crisis.

This is because the Money raised through the Big Night In will be split between Comic relief and Children in Need and will go on to support a variety of charities and projects, already established in the UK. This means that people who need this emergency funding most now because of the Covid-19 pandemic, will receive it quickly. Also the government has pledged to match pound for pound donations to the Big Night In. This match funding comprises a minimum donation of £20m to National Emergencies Trust.

So if you want to get involved, get out, get moving and share this link to our Justgiving page. If you are not going to take part in the challenge please make a donation to get behind and support those who are!

Stay safe; Stay healthy; Help others – Its a win win for everybody!

All the best 

Mr Rowlands

Head of Frank House & Achievement Mentor