Timmy Lee [2009]

Timmy gained a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He returned to Hong Kong to take up internships as an Editor (Fast Media) and then as an Account Executive (Start JudgeGill). He next joined Groupon (HK) as a Creative Copywriter and then as an English Editor. After a spell as a Creative Copywriter at Pressie Ltd, he is now currently the Wealth Management Manager at AIA ( an insurance company in HK).

Billy Senior [2014]

Billy was Head Boy from 2013/2014. He is currently studying Information, Management & Business at Loughborough University from 2014-18. While studying, Billy is also active in a number of relevant pursuits including acting as a Media Representative at the University where he is involved in social media, management and web design. He is also a Brand Ambassador at the university for SW6, a staffing and recruitment agency. Billy is keen to offer help to students who wish to pursue a career in recruitment and offers guidance on his Linked in page.

July 2016

Jonathan Bowd [1993]

Jon graduated from the University of Birmingham.  He worked as a Contract Consultant at Computer People and then The Venus Group before embarking on a career in the newspaper/marketing industry. Initially he worked as a reporter for the Kentish Times newspaper before moving to The Independent in London; first as a sub-editor  through to Foreign News Editor and also as a News Editor. Jon then moved to take up a post as Managing Editor at the law practice of Freshfields, Bruckhaus and Derringer in London. He is currently Head of Content Marketing at this practice.

July 2016

Wendy Brownhill [1982]

Wendy gained a BSc degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Hertfordshire. Wendy then carved out a career in the imports and exports logistics market. She is currently the Logiostics Coordinator for Somerbond Ltd in London that specialise in Apparel & Fashion.

July 2016

Adele Beuscher [2006]

Following her A levels, Adele went to Oaklands College to study Creative Studies specialising in Jewellery Design. Adele continued her passion for jewellery design by gaining a degree in 3D jewellery desing followed by a Masters degree in Contemporary Craft – Jewellery from the University of Creative Arts in London. Initially, she worked in the hospitality industry before taking up positions in luxury goods & jewellery companies in London. Adele’s current experience and career aspirations lie in this area.

July 2016

Fiona Lunn [2010]

Fiona graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Economics & Management from Aston University. During this time Fiona gained experience as a Recruitment Assistant with NHS Professionals and as an Analyst at ofgem in retail company policy. Fiona is currently working at KPMG in London as a graduate in the Economics and Disputes team in the risk consulting department.

July 2016

Richard John [2002 ]

Richard gained an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. From there, Richard joined Tesco’s in St Albans as an analyst. Richard is currently the Project Manager at Tesco Stores in St Albans.

July 2016