Helen Pearson Sheehan 1999

Helen [nee Pearson] Sheehan (1999)

Helen’s career started in Human resources and after gaining extensive experience in a number of different and varied organisations, she is currently Head of Human resources at the London Executive Offices (Real estate).


Alex Rollings 2010

Alex Rollings (2010)

Alex studied Illustration & Visual Communication at Westminster University before going on to develop his entrepreneurial and creative skills in a range of enterprises. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Creative Debuts based in London.


Dr Kieran Nunn

Kieran Nunn (2002)

Kieran is currently an Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthetic trainee within the NHS. Prior to this Kieran’s career in medicine began with BSc in Pharmacology and then his MBBS at Kings College, London. He then spent two years at the University of Glasgow before working as a registrar in NHS Scotland.


Simon Stearn 1988

Simon Stearn (1988)

Simon studied Computing & Informatics at the University of Plymouth. Experience gained at a high level in a number of companies dealing with information and analytical software solutions as led Simon to his current position where he is Executive Director of Global Big Data and Digital Experience Analytics at Avon Cosmetics.


James Scott 1984

James Scott (1984)

James is the CFO and Company Secretary at The Open Group, an information technology and services company in Reading. James studied economics, French and Law at Birmingham University.


Kate Vale 1983

Kate Vale (1983)

Kate studied at St Paul and St Mary College in Cheltenham, gaining a BSc in Geography & Geology. Kate has worked with students on the autistic spectrum for many years before working at a local Foodbank as a coordinator anf currently a Project Leader.

Sophie Newlan 2014

Sophie Newlan (2007)

Sophie gained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Leeds but has carved out a career in Merchandising! She is currently a Merchandiser for the House of Fraser in central London.


Alex Mayall 2014

Alex Mayall (2009)

After his BA in Physics from Oxford, Alex gained an MSc in Cybernetics from the University of Reading. Alex then worked for a computer software company before moving to the financial services sector where he is currently an Advisory Associate at Anthemis Group in London

Nathan Minnegan 2012

Nathan Minneghan (2008)

Nathan is a Social Housing Consultant at Berwick Partners in London.

Nathan gained a joint honours BA in Politics & Philosophy from the University of Liverpool.


Hannah Galliers (2009)

hANNAH gALLIERS 2009After life in the Sixth Form, Hannah studied Accountancy & finance at the University of Gloucestershire, gaining a BSc. She is currently a Senior at Crowe, Clarke and Whitehill LLP.