Rachel Meyrick

Rachel Meyrick [1985]

Rachel Meyrick (Roundwood 1981 to 1985) is now a film maker currently directing and producing a documentary film about domestic violence in the US called “What doesn’t kill me”.  The film is self funded and so some money to make it has been raised via crowdfunding.  The campaign has just finished but you can still donate on the film’s website.

 Rachel accidently happened upon an 86 year old lady in Oklahoma who had just left her abusive husband of 62 years and was so taken with her courage and strength she decided to make a film about her.  The film also exposes the sad truth that in America, if you are in a custody battle against your abusive partner, the judge is MORE likely to award custody to the father, a fact that most people are having difficulty in believing which is Rachel’s greatest challenge in creating this film. 

 If you are interested or want to know more, take a look at the website and any funding you can give is ridiculously well received for this important documentary film. At this point the film is 95% shot and at the edit stage (Rachel is director/editor/producer)