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Robbie Redway’s musical debut album

Robbie Redway [class of 2005] has teamed up with Harry Agius to form AKASE and they have just released their debut single called ‘rust’.

AKASE is the natural coming together of two inquisitive musical minds. One of them, Harry Agius, comes from an accomplished electronic background, and the other, Robbie Redway, has grown up playing in numerous bands. Having been friends for years, both were keen to expand their sonic horizons and so began working together in 2012.

Inspiring and influencing each other with their own different perspectives and starting points, the ensuing years have seen the pair get together on a number of occasions for sporadic recording sessions. The unforced, non pressured nature of their collaboration has a been a good thing, though, as it lends AKASE’s music a liveliness and realness that cannot be taught.

Given Agius’ knack for writing compelling electronics as Midland, and Redway’s penchant for writing proper hooks and moving lyrics, their sound is a perfect coming together of dance and indie. Like a select number of live electronic acts before them, AKASE marry melancholy with romance, synth hooks with stirring vocals. They aren’t driven by dance floor functionality, but instead by composition and compelling musical stories. Summer 2015 will see the project coalesce proper, with a debut album, Graspers, having been signed by influential label !K7 and live shows to follow. As such, get ready for a refreshing new addition to the thriving little niche where dance, sombre avant pop and indie all collide.

Information courtesy of their web page https://soundcloud.com/akase-music