Roundwood Primary Head retires; July 2016

Since Anne Thomas became head, the school has retained ‘outstanding’ school status from Ofsted and received am Eco Green Flag award. To mark Miss Thomas’ retirement she received cards, gifts and pieces of artwork from parents, staff and children during a leaving assembly. Pupils decorated the school logo of three trees with their fingerprints. She is handing over the reins to her long-standing deputy, Mrs Suzanne (nee Bowd) Webb, who has worked there for 15 years and attended the school as a child. Roundwood Primary governor, Catherine Marke, said that the children would best remember the outgoing head for her story-telling and “willingness to dress up in funny outfits for charity”. She went on: “The assembly went very well and she had some of her favourite songs played throughout; it got quite emotional. “She was then in the playground and she was hugging people and wishing everyone well and a lot of the teachers were emotional that day.” Catherine added: “Anne really loved the artwork, especially the school logo with fingerprints from every child; she was really touched by that.” Courtesy of the Herts Advertiser 12th August 2016 N.B. Suzanne (Bowd) Webb attended Roundwood Park school and was also Head Girl.