Wendy Brownhill [1982]

Wendy gained a BSc degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Hertfordshire. Wendy then carved out a career in the imports and exports logistics market. She is currently the Logiostics Coordinator for Somerbond Ltd in London that specialise in Apparel & Fashion.

July 2016

Melanie Cutler2

Melanie Cutler [1982]

A former pupil of Roundwood Park, Melanie Cutler is an artist who specialises in the political and social arena.  As well as traditional artistic skills, learned whilst at school like drawing, painting and sculpture, she chose to put all that on hold whilst bringing up her family.  Mel went to university in her late 40’s to get a degree in Fine Art.  Whilst studying she realised that the path she wanted to take was more gritty than the traditional art disciplines.

Choosing performance art and installation more recently, this artist wanted to challenge and stretch her practice, likewise her audience.  Her last exhibited work is controversial and tackles the issues of suicide and welfare reform, which polarises the opinions of those who see it.

Mel spent an extra year in 6th form at Roundwood, choosing to learn to type, alongside other administrative subjects.  This path took her to London where she worked in an office environment for many years.  Now this once frustrated artist is able to balance her creativity with her lifestyle, running a business and becoming a Director of a local charity. She continues to be an activist fighting inequality through her art.

You can see more of her work at

clare Holt 2012

Clare Holt [1982]

Clare Holt (nee Taylor) is a journalist and producer/director, and runs Nice Tree Films ( based in Oxfordshire. She works regularly with business, charity and education sectors including the University of Oxford, and has covered events for the Emerging Markets Symposium, Blavatnik School of Government and the Oxford Stanford Big Data Conference. She worked for many years in broadcast news and has written on third sector and broadcast issues for the print media. She is married with two children.