Rachel Meyrick

Rachel Meyrick’s new film ‘What doesn’t kill you’ premiers at St Albans Film festival in June.

Rachel MeyrickRachel writes

I am Roundwood alumni, I started in 1981.  I am a film maker and I have a feature documentary premiering at the St Albans Film Festival on June 28th that I directed/produced/edited, etc.  I wrote to you about it some years ago when I was fund raising.  Now it is complete and has distribution in the States, so that is good news also.

It’s set in America so it was a difficult sell to any of the UK festivals but St Albans are liking the ‘harpenden girl’ aspect to it!

Here is the website for tickets and if you want any more info about it, please let me know.

What Doesn’t Kill Me / UK Premiere / Documentary and Q&A Tickets, Thu, 28 Jun 2018 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

Do take a look at the link to preview the documentary film and hopefully book tickets.


Simon Stearn 1988

Simon Stearn (1988)

Simon studied Computing & Informatics at the University of Plymouth. Experience gained at a high level in a number of companies dealing with information and analytical software solutions as led Simon to his current position where he is Executive Director of Global Big Data and Digital Experience Analytics at Avon Cosmetics.


Sandra Rowland 1988

Sandra Rowland [1988]

Sandra gained a BA hons in Tourism Studies from Bournemouth University. Sandra has developed her career in tourism as a travel and business travel consultant. Currently she is Marketing Coordinator for Key Travel in London.

Joanna Bracey 1988

Joanna Bracey [1988]

Joanna is currently the Head of Operations at Tate Entertaining at the Tate Gallery in London.

Matthew Adar

Matthew (Williams) Adar [1988 ]

Matthew studied Biology at Plymouth University but switched to pursue a career in the hospitality side of hotel management.. He returned to Israel in 1993, completed national service in the IDF, and now lives and works as a Food & Beverage Manager in the city of Eliat in Israel.

Claire Burnyeat 2014

Claire Burnyeat [1988]

Following A levels, Claire gained a BEd (hons.) in Home Economics  from the Worcester College of Higher Education. Claire embarked on a career in teaching and she is currently Head of Food and Textile Technology at the Hadleigh High School in Colchester.

Carol Shufflebotham 2014

Carol Shufflebotham [1988]

After A levels, Carol attended De Montfort University where she gained a BSc in Industrial & Business Systems and then a post graduate diploma in Human Resources from Napier University in Edinburgh. Carol is currently the HR manager at DHL Global in London.

Andrew Tingey 2014

Andrew Tingey [1988]

Andrew gained a BSc in Biochemistry from York University and stayed on to complete a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He also qualified as a certified licensing professional and also gained an MBA from the Open University. He is currently the Director of Licensing at DSM where he is concerned with the licensing of intellectual property.

Paul Clements 2012 274x274

Paul Clements [1988]

Following his BSc(hons) in Statistics from the University of Wales in Swansea, Paul held a number of financial positions  before his current post where he is Financial Director at the Madison Group in Middlesex.  He was also a keen hockey player for HHC in the early days!