Will Browning Harriet Cooke wedding photo july2018

Will Browning and Harriet Cooke get married

Will Browning (class of ’10) married Harriet Cook (now Browning, class of ’11) in July 2018Will Browning Harriet Cooke wedding photo july2018. Will, working for Diageo, and Harriet, a pediatric nurse are living happily in St Albans with their rescue dog Molly.


Georgia Danso

Georgia Danso (2011) in the Spotlight

Georgia Danso The RPS Newsletter ‘Round up’ features a Spotlight on a former pupils that have been strongly involved in the Expressive Arts.  In a November issue , ‘we’ talk to Georgia Danso about her life since taking on music and Performance studies at A level.

“I took Drama & Theatre Studies as one of my A levels.  I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to pursue as a career, however I knew that I wanted to be in a creative industry.

I chose Drama for a number of reasons. Firstly, I didn’t get the chance to take GCSE Drama so felt this was a good chance to utilise my drama abilities and work on basic skills. I participated in extra curricular art activities and wanted to build my knowledge, theory and experience in an educational setting. It was a good subject in combination with my other A Level options (Sociology, English Literature, Psychology); I often found certain topics/skills overlapped and therefore helped develop my understanding. I feel that it helped me gain strong communication skills, the confidence to think creatively, the ability to prioritise tasks, develop teamwork skills as well as create ideas with a range of people in mind.

One of the biggest challenges I faced whilst undertaking Drama A level was having to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone and learning to not worry about how I would be perceived by peers. It was also hard to find the balance between creative development and theory and managing my time to ensure I worked to the best of my capability but within a realistic time limit was always something I had to work on.

After A levels I went on to study Retail Marketing and I enjoyed my course, however it was important that I still kept up my drama and dance as extra curricular activities.  Drama was a great experience and has benefitted me in many ways both in my studies and afterwards. It was a very diverse subject that covered a range of topics and required various personal skills such as presentation skills, developing workshops, working as teams in seminars, developing innovative marketing ideas and approaches. My experience studying Drama at A Level enhanced my ability to perform these tasks effectively. It helped with my organisational skills, the ability to work with various types of people, my time management but most importantly my communication skills. From the interview stage to being in the practical work place, communication skills in marketing and any industry are essential to perform a task efficiently and to ensure everyone has the same understanding of what needs to be achieved.

Studying Drama also built my confidence in communicating with people, understanding people in social situations as well as the importance of finding a good balance in life. It has never hindered my opportunities in life since taking the course. It was something I was so certain I wanted to achieve and I am happy with my A Level choices. I personally believe it is best to work to your strengths and to study something you have a strong interest in. If anything, it made me realise that perhaps I should have used my university time to focus more on my creative interests i.e take modules in creative arts, participate in more extra curricular activities etc.

Your parents are very influential and are important people to discuss your options with. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you pick options that you truly have an interest in or may benefit your future career, (if you have thought of one). Like many students, at the stage of my choosing A Levels, I didn’t have a firm idea of what career I wished to pursue but if you opt for subjects that you enjoy and that are diverse then you’ll develop various skills that can be applied to any future role.

Having recently returned from a long travel trip I am now undertaking some freelance marketing work part time until I find the next perfect marketing opportunity”.​

If you have a story you’d like to share with us about how studying Art, Music, Drama, PE, Textiles or Photography at RPS has influenced your life since school, then please get in touch with

Tom Attfield2

Tom Attfield [2011]

Tom Attfield left Roundwood Park and went straight into the building industry. After several years of all aspects of house and buildings construction, Tom has utilised his managerial skills with his craftsmanship prowess and now runs his own business: Little Joinery Company. For more information on Tom’s company go to

Georgina (2011) stars in NewsRevue on London stage.

Georgina Thomas is a recent graduate of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama who likes a damn good pun. She is a writer and performer and when not scrolling through twitter, listening to Radio 4 and devouring newspapers, Georgina likes a good gin and tonic. Georgina is a member of the Soho Theatre Young Company and is currently writing cookery-based comedy. With an extra-large spoon at the ready, Georgina can’t wait to tuck into a big bowl of NewsRevue.

NewsRevue cracked its first gag at The Gate, London, back in 1979 and in the summer of that year premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it has returned annually ever since. It was the creation of Cambridge university chums Mike Hodd and Jack Thorington. Professor Michael Hodd has remained with the show since the very beginning. A few years after its inception it moved to its own venue, the Canal Café Theatre, where it continues to play to packed houses 50 weeks of the year.

Georgina is appearing in NewsRevue at the Canal Café in March and early April only.

Tom Attfield (2011) : The Little Joinery Company

Tom Attfield ( class of 2011) left Roundwood Park and went straight into the building industry. After several years of all aspects of house and buildings construction, Tom has utilised his  managerial skills with his craftsmanship prowess and now runs his own business: The Little Joinery Company. For more information on Tom’s company see contact details below  


Matthew Brigginshaw [2011]

Matthew left Roundwood in 2011 after gaining grade As in all his sixth form subjects; Biology, Economics, Maths and General Studies. He went on to gain a 1st class honours BSc in Accountancy from the University of Exeter. He is also a qualified Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants) in Scotland. He worked initially as an Associate at KPMG in London and has remained there working his way  up.

Matthew is currently an Assistant Manager within KPMG’s Insurance and Investment Management audit practice specialising in the insurance sector. Matthew has worked with a broad range of clients covering life and GI, London Market insurers, including a number of Lloyd’s Syndicates, brokers, and global financial groups.

Josh Mawhinney [2011]

After his A levels, Josh attended the University of Leeds and gained a BSc in Medical Sciences. He then joined Schuco International (London) Ltd. Schuco is a company specialising in skin technology apparatus. Josh’s first appointment at Schuco was as a Customer Specialist but he soon moved on at Schuco to became the Territory Account Manager before he took up his current post as National Sales Manager, based in Watford.

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Jack Caithness – poetry in print

Not only was Jack [class of 2011] Head Boy at school but also an active member of the creative writing team and an outstanding poet.  As one of four ’emerging’ poets from London with the London Laureates programme, Jack has now been published in the second Podium Poets anthology called  ‘Spread the Word London’.  Jack has kindly donated a copy to the school library.

The collection is available from

For more of Jack’s poems go to his website



Ruth Carter [2011] Graduate entomologist.

Ruth graduated this summer [2015] with a BSc in Biology from Royal Holloway, University of London. She is currently on a 12 week secondment working on aphids and ants at the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology in Vienna. This follows on from her aphid work at Rothamsted for her Nuffield Project during her sixth form at Roundwood.

In September she will start an MSc at  Harper Adams University which has recently opened a new entomology building and will run a new post graduate course set up by Professor Simon Leather (President of the Royal Entomology Society).


Finlay Mitchell 2011

Finlay Mitchell [2011]

Finlay studied Business Management and Professional Golf Studies at the University of Birmingham. He is currently a PGA golf professional at Harpenden Golf Club [Hammond’s End ] where he is involved in tournament play and coaching. Prior to this he was a PGA golf professional at Ashridge Golf Club.