Deborah Lythgoe 2000

Deborah Lythgoe [2000]

After gaining a 1st class honours degree in Business & Finance from the University of Bristol, Debbie worked in Finance for BskyB and News International before joining BT OpenReach. Having risen through the ranks within OpenReach, she is currently Finance Director (Revenue / Customer, Commercial & Propositions) in London.

Tracey Doughty 1992

Tracy (Jones) Doughty [1992]

After gaining a degree in Business & Finance from the University of Bedfordshire, Tracy went straight into the world of banking. She joined Barclays and after a number of varied positions became Senior Project Manager & Internal Lean Consultant. However Tracy has joined Banco Santander Management team and currently she is Project Manager ATMs and is responsible for the business change and project management of ATM installs and upgrades across Santander UK

Scott Baxter [2006]

Scott gained a 1st class bachelor’s degree in Business Studies with Financial services from the Nottingham University Business School. His first experience was via his university placement at BMW as a Lifestyle Marketing Executive. From there he joined Huxley Banking and Financial Services which specialised in staffing and recruitment for the financial sector. Scott steadily worked his way up through the company in a number of key positions ranging from IT Recruitment Development Consultant then Database Recruitment Development Consultant and then further to more senior positions until his current position where he is Principal Recruitment Consultant.

Scott Baxter questions way banks do business with customers in publication.

Scott (class of 2006) is a Principal Recruitment Consultant at Huxley Banking & Financial Services, a Staffing & recruitment specialist company, and he has published an article discussing digital transformation v digital enablement in banks.

Sunny Thakkar 2014

Sunny Thakkar [1989]

After leaving us, Sunny gained a degree in Business & Finance  from the University of Luton (now U of Beds). He embarked on a career in business development  and is currently the Client Relationship Manager at Payment Gateway in London.