Sophie Newlan 2014

Sophie Newlan (2007)

Sophie gained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Leeds but has carved out a career in Merchandising! She is currently a Merchandiser for the House of Fraser in central London.


Wendy Brownhill [1982]

Wendy gained a BSc degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Hertfordshire. Wendy then carved out a career in the imports and exports logistics market. She is currently the Logiostics Coordinator for Somerbond Ltd in London that specialise in Apparel & Fashion.

July 2016

Charlotte Coleman 2010

Charlotte Coleman [2010] – Ph.D. chemist

Charlotte having gained a 1st class honours Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Bristol has now registered for a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at Imperial College , London.

Tom Bliss

Tom Bliss [1987]

After his A levels Tom attended Bristol University to study Chemistry and later Zoology but was drawn to entering the world of work to cut out a career for himself in commerce; initially working for Robert Fleming & Co on the Japanese dealing floor in London. In 1997 he then left for Australia on a one way ticket to stay with friends in Sydney and then moved to Dunedin in New Zealand. He now lives in Dunedin with his NZ born wife, Kelly, a primary school teacher , and their 3 children [and a cat ]. Tom is an investment advisor for Forsyth & Barr; a renowned investment house in New Zealand. When Tom is not working he enjoys his coastal location as a highly skilled and qualified diver having earlier decided against continuing his sky diving!

Tom is a regular and much appreciated contributor to the alumni postbag!