Gareth Cash2 2013

Gareth Cash [2007]

After leaving us Gareth went to the University of  Nottingham where he gained a BA in Film & Television Studies. During his time there he worked on the University radio station as a presenter and was known to play requests for teachers during chemistry practicals! Gareth also gained a prestigious Union award for outstanding contribution to the University.  During his career in the creative arts he won further awards for his outstanding creative, marketing and strategic talents. Gareth has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, BSkyB and Yellow Cat Recruitment. He currently works as a  Creative Producer at Comedy Central ( tv channel) in London.

Revised June 10 2015

Adam Cox 2014

Adam Cox [1999]

Adam gained a BA(hons) in film & tv studies from the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. He is currently Head of Broadcast Equipment at Futuresource Consulting.

Helen Wiliamson 2012

Helen Williamson [1990]

Helen gained a BA in Human Sciences from the University of Oxford and then completed an MA in Film & Television Production at the University of Bristol.  From there Helen embarked on an impressive  career path that led to a series of Production Directorships in a range of media companies. She is currently a Senior Producer at Shed Media Group in London.