Tom Dinham 2007

Tom Dinham [2007]

I am journalist and scholar of Arabic language, history, culture and politics. Since graduating from Oxford University, I have lived, worked and studied in several Middle Eastern countries, deepening my understanding of the region and attaining a high level of proficiency in the Arabic language.

I am currently London correspondent of The Arab Weekly, a weekly English-language newspaper covering Arab affairs. I have contributed articles and radio pieces to the BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Egypt Independent and Georgetown University’s Global Security Studies Review. I have also written Arabic-language analytical pieces for various Egyptian publications. Working at Reuters Video News, I gained competence at video and audio production. I have a strong background in political analysis and research, with a particular focus on Middle Eastern affairs (courtesy of LinkedIn)

Tom gained a BA(hons) in History & Politics from University College, Oxford in 2010. He studied an Arabic language, politics and culture course at the Institut du Proche – Orient.