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Rebecca Hill [2008] seeks funding for Theatre Production.

Rebecca gained a degree in Philosophy from the Universit y of Cardiff and from their embarked on a remarkable career in theatre direction.

“I am now a theatre director and playwright. I have had my work performed across London and South Wales, and think I might have the project that could take my career to the next stage. I have written and directed a verbatim play inspired by campaigns such as Everyday Sexism, No More Page 3 and Ending Victimisation, and which I believe has the potential to represent a new, fresh voice of feminism in British and International theatre. It had a successful 3 day run at the Etcetera Theatre in January, receiving 4 star reviews and support from industry giants, and has great potential for a London transfer and tour.

To let you know a little more about it: it’s a verbatim play called Travesti, taking women’s real stories about why they wear make up, being groped on public transport, and experiences of sexual violence, and performed by an ensemble cast of six male actors. It is a warm and witty play incorporating music and dance which explores whether our reactions to these stories change based on the gender who tells them, and whether we might allow certain behaviours due to longstanding social roles. By putting these stories in men’s mouths, I wanted to highlight the absurdities of typically ‘female’ behaviours – why are women expected to wear make up and men aren’t? Why are we expected to shave our body hair and men aren’t? Why are we expected to consider our safety at night in ways that men don’t have to? Happily, as a result, it also opens up interesting discussion about the social roles enforced on men, and – for example – how male rape is something that is not discussed in the same way as female rape. My intention was to make a feminist theatre piece that looks like the women I know: intelligent, playful, funny and sexy.

Ian Rickson (Director, Mojo, Harold Pinter Theatre – currently directing Hugh Jackman on Broadway) described the show as “terrific. A fresh, seductive and unsettling evening” and Christopher Haydon (Artistic Director, Gate Theatre) called it “sharp, witty, genuinely shocking at times”.

The Pleasance Theatre has offered us a prime slot in their 30th Anniversary Edinburgh Festival programme, which is exactly the opportunity we wanted for it – not only to be programmed by the leading festival venue with strong possibility for a London transfer and tour, but also to reach a potential audience of over 2000 people with a theatrical discussion we are passionate about. I am over the moon to have been offered such an incredible slot with the best Edinburgh venue, especially being an unknown artist and company. My company (Unbound Productions) are, of course, keen to take this opportunity, but we are sorely in need of money to do this. We have calculated that it will cost us around £22,000 to take Travesti to Edinburgh – we have budgeted paying the actors, (which unfortunately is not always a priority) for accommodation, set, props, costume and of course marketing! We are crowd funding and applying to a number of trusts in order to raise this money, but are aware it is a sizeable amount.”

If you feel you would like to find out more and possibly make a contribution please go to her company website  or email Rebecca on