Sophie Holmes 2007

Sophie Holmes [2007]

After gaining a BSc in Psychology from the University of Nottingham, Sophie went on to work in the music and audio industry as a project manager. From there she moved into information management and currently she works for The Futures Laboratory as an Event Coordinator/Junior Journalist writing concise 150 – 250 word assignments targeted at brands and experts across five key sectors; Beauty, Food and Drink, Tech, Luxury and Retail. Sophie is also Editor for feminist heartbreak ‘zine ‘Achey Breaky Heart’.

Scott Baxter [2006]

Scott gained a 1st class bachelor’s degree in Business Studies with Financial services from the Nottingham University Business School. His first experience was via his university placement at BMW as a Lifestyle Marketing Executive. From there he joined Huxley Banking and Financial Services which specialised in staffing and recruitment for the financial sector. Scott steadily worked his way up through the company in a number of key positions ranging from IT Recruitment Development Consultant then Database Recruitment Development Consultant and then further to more senior positions until his current position where he is Principal Recruitment Consultant.

Scott Baxter questions way banks do business with customers in publication.

Scott (class of 2006) is a Principal Recruitment Consultant at Huxley Banking & Financial Services, a Staffing & recruitment specialist company, and he has published an article discussing digital transformation v digital enablement in banks.

Sarah Graham [2003]

Sarah gained a BSc in Economics from the University of Nottingham.

After an internship at Bloombergs, Sarah joined the Graduate Programme as a UK Associate at Fortis Bank. From there she joined BNP Paribas as an Analyst in Acquisitions and Leveraged Finance. She moved up in the company as an Associate and is currently (2016) a Vice Principal in Leveraged Finance at BNP Paribas in London.

Gareth Cash2 2013

Gareth Cash [2007]

After leaving us Gareth went to the University of  Nottingham where he gained a BA in Film & Television Studies. During his time there he worked on the University radio station as a presenter and was known to play requests for teachers during chemistry practicals! Gareth also gained a prestigious Union award for outstanding contribution to the University.  During his career in the creative arts he won further awards for his outstanding creative, marketing and strategic talents. Gareth has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, BSkyB and Yellow Cat Recruitment. He currently works as a  Creative Producer at Comedy Central ( tv channel) in London.

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Anna WilliamsBenson 2013 1280x800

Anna (nee Williams) Benson [2000]

‘After graduating from Nottingham University Medical School, Anna completed a Hospital Medical Rotation, and further GP training. She worked as a doctor in SW London for 12 years before coming home to Harpenden.  Anna married Jonathan Benson in 2003, and they have 2 girls and a spaniel.  They are enjoying living back in Harpenden near to their friends and family’

Stephen Woodhams 2013

Stephen Woodhams [2002]

Stephen gained an MSci in neuroscience and then gained his Ph.D. in ‘spinal mechanisms of acute and chronic pain’ from the University of Nottingham in 2012. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at MTA KOKI/Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institue of  Experimental Medicine.

Katherine Nunn 2013

Katherine Nunn [2006]

Katherine gained an MSc in Forensic Psychology from the University of Surrey in 2012. She is currently working for the Leicester NHS as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner trainee and at the same time studying for a Post Graduate certificate in Psychological Therapy at the University of Nottingham. Katherine lives in Leicestr.

Cheng He 2012 213x224

Cheng He [2006]

Cheng left us in 2006 and went to the University of Nottingham to study Civil Engineering where he gained an MEng (hons) in 2011. Cheng has returned to Harpenden and currently works at DeLoittes as a Senior Associate.

Aaron Ledwidge 2012

Aaron Ledwidge [2005]

Aaron gained an MEng from the University of Nottingham and from there joined the Network Rail graduate training programme. He has undertaken a wide range of engineering projects and is combining his engineering experience with study to become a Chartered Engineer. He is currently a Track Renewal Strategist at Euston for Network Rail.