Megan Whewell2 2013

Megan Whewell [2007]

Megan graduated in 2011 from UCL with an MSci ( 1:1 in Natural Sciences: Major: Astrophysics, Minor: Science Communication) and now works at the National Space Centre in Leicester as a Presenter in their Education Department. She was responsible for the delivery of education programmes including workshops, planetarium shows and Challenger Learning Centre experiences at the National Space Centre, and outreach programmes on school premises. Development of new planetarium programmes for both school and public audiences. Communication of up to date astronomy and space science news through online writing, public talks and media. Since August 2013 Megan has moved to the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London where she is now registered for a Ph.D. on the analysis of high resolution of X-ray spectroscopy from active galactic nuclei.

Revised September 2013

Jon Gingell

Jon Gingell [1991]

After gaining a BSc in Physics with Space Science and a Ph.D. in Chemical Astrophysics (cosmic chemistry) from UCL. Jon cofounded a company  called OpenSymmetry where he is now the Chief Technical Officer.

Sian Slade

Sian Slade (nee Lloyd) [1985]

Following her BSc(hons) in Pharmacy from Portsmouth School of Pharmacy, Sian has gained a series of management, consultancy and directorships both in the the UK,australia and the USA. She is currently Group Director of Global Medical Information at Bristol-Myers Squib in New York.

Imran Shahryar 2012

Imran Shahryar [2006]

Following seven wonderful years at Roundwood Park, Imran completed an undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a Masters degree in Political Economy of Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He then worked for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Sierra Leone, before returning to the UK to work for the Department for International Development (DFID) in London. In 2015, he moved to Vanuatu, and is currently working there for a regional trade organisation called the Office of the Chief Trade Adviser (OCTA).
Rob K Harle4

Robert Harle [1997 ]

Rob studied at Cambridge University where he took Natural Sciences gaining a BA and MSci and also a Ph.D. in Engineering. He now lectures Computer Science at Cambridge University  where he is a Fellow and Director of Studies at Downing college.

andrew scholan 275x275

Andrew Scholan [1985]

Andrew gained a BSc (hons) 1st class in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton. He spent three years as a research assistant at the University of Cambridge and this took his career as a software specialist/engineer to remain in the Cambridge area where he is currently  Senior Embedded Software consultant at Sagentia.

Chris van Lottum 2012

Chris van Lottum [ 1991]

Chris gained an MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Newcastle. His specialities are in Road Safety audit and developing transport planning. He is currently a Senior Engineer and Road Safety Auditor at Arup in Newcastle.

Paul Wise 2012

Paul Wise [1990]

After gaining a BSc in Urban Land Economics at Sheffield Hallam University, Paul moved into the field of corporate Real Estate and is now a Director and Head of Commercial and Property Advice at a London based Chartered Surveyors.

Gareth Lloyd 2012

Gareth Lloyd [1992]

Gareth as an accomplished sportsman and has established himself in the field of sports consultancy and sports sponsorship. Following a number of senior posts in corporate sponsorship for both professional football and rugby clubs, he is currently the founder and Director of GL Sports Consultancy and also Head of Sponsorship at London Scottish Rugby Club.

Helen Wiliamson 2012

Helen Williamson [1990]

Helen gained a BA in Human Sciences from the University of Oxford and then completed an MA in Film & Television Production at the University of Bristol.  From there Helen embarked on an impressive  career path that led to a series of Production Directorships in a range of media companies. She is currently a Senior Producer at Shed Media Group in London.