Kieran Nunn

Kieran Nunn [2002]

In the Sixth Form, Kieran studied Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology at A level. He was also appointed Head Boy. Kieran then went to Kings College London where he gained a BSc in Pharmacology and went on to qualify in Medicine with an MBBS. His first position as a practising doctor was at the Great Western Infirmary in Glasgow where he worked for two years as a House Doctor. Dr Nunn is currently at the Edinburgh Infirmary where he is training in Anaesthetist and Critical Care. [ He says “he did not want to waste the chemistry”]

Richard Dillon crp 2012

Richard Dillon [1990]

Richard studied A’levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics before gaining a BA in Medicine from Oxford University in 2001. He then went on to qualify in Medicine MBBS from University College London. He is now a Specialist Registrar in Haematology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals.

Jamie Chafer 2013

Jamie Chafer [1999]

After gaining a good degree in International Relations & Politics from De Montfort University in 2002, Jamie has established a successful career in sales and business development. He is currently a New Business Sales Manager at Barclaycard Global Payment Acceptance in St Albans.

Ben Roberts 2013

Ben Roberts [1995]

Ben left Roundwood in 1995 and went straight into industry.  He has since gained technical qualifications and considerable experience, rising up through the ranks of Business Development.  He currently works in London for Attenda, who are a leading management service and cloud platform provider, where he is the Business Development Manager.

Saad Mohammed 2012 213x274

Saad Mohammed [2005]

After leaving in 2005, Saad went to the University of Leeds where he gained a BSc(hons) in Sports Science & Physiology. From there he gained an MA in Sports Business Management from Coventry University. He is now a Project Coordinator for Sport4Life in the Midlands.

Alex Trott 2012

Alex Trott [2007]

Alex studied Dentistry at the University of Leeds gaining his BChD with distinction in 2012. He has been a practising dentist in Manchester for the last year before returning to specialise in hospital.

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Confessions of a Fashionista – Angela Clarke in print!

Angela left us in 1998 and after graduating with a degree in English & European Studies she worked in the fashion industry as an agent producing photoshoots for magazines, advertising campaigns and catwalk shows etc. In the last few years she decided to focus full time on writing and wrote a column for the Daily Mail online for 3 years. Angela also writes a column in The Wharf (a Canary Wharf based publication). She has just had her first book published, Confessions of a Fashionista (, which is a humorous memoir of her time spent working in the fashion industry. Angela has also had pieces published in the Indy, the Daily Mail and on The Vagenda, etc and recently appeared on Woman’s Hour talking about being a feminist and working in the fashion industry. She describes herself as a writer rather than as a journalist. Angela is currently working on her next book – which is a teen novel.

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Natasha’s boost for the Reds!

Following Natasha Dowie’s ‘shock’ transfer  from Cup winning Everton LFC to Liverpool LFC , Natasha has strong words to the critics – Read more . Click on the link.

Natasha scored her first hat trick for the Reds in their 8-0 win over Blackburn this month [Feb 2013].

Nina Sloan 2013

Nina Sloan [nee Langford : 2005]

After leaving RPS in 2005 Nina started studying Medicine at the University of Leeds. During the summer of 2007 Nina got married to Peter Sloan and moved to live in York in 2009. After graduating in 2010 she started work in 2010 in Wakefield and then continued working as a junior doctor in 2011 in Leeds. In August 2012 Nina had a daughter named Rachel and will return to work later in 2013 to start her GP training.

Angela Clarke 2013 201x2841

Angela Clarke [1998]

Angela read English and European Literature at the University of Essex and Advances in Scriptwriting at RADA.

Initially she worked in the fashion industry, but also continued to pursue her love of books and writing. She’s penned both regional and national columns and her journalist contributions include: The Independent magazine, The Daily Mail , Cosmopolitan, and Writing Magazine. Her memoirs, Confessions of a Fashionista (ebury) is an Amazon Fashion Chart bestseller. Now magazine described her as a ‘glitzy outsider’.

The short drama film, Drift, based on her screenplay, is due for release in 2015. Her first novel, The Hashtag Murders (Maze, HarperCollins), is due to be published later this year.

Currently (June 8-13 2015) showing at the Hope Theatre in London is The Legacy, her debit play. It is a cynically funny play that explores gender, affluence and shouting back. it is set in Harpenden,

See her work at

Updated June 10 2015