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Chambos high & dry in flooded Oz!

Mike and Angie Chamberlain live in Queensland, Australia. This is a region that has suffered storms, fires and flooding over recent years and 2017 has brought severe flooding but we are pleased to report that the Chambos are in a suburb of Brisbane that is not flooded.

Mike taught physics and was a 6th form tutor  from 2003-4. Angie periodically also taught in the school during this time.

April 2017

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RPS SLG nominated for YOPEY

Young People of the Year or ‘YOPEY’ is a campaign to give young people a fairer image in the media – and society as a whole – by ‘revealing, recognising and rewarding’ young unsung heroes and setting them up as positive role models for other young people to copy.

The SLG (Student Leadership Group) at Roundwood Park has been nominated for a possible award as part of YOPEY. To read the full story, Click Here.