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Cadbury House Fashion Show

Cadbury House invites you to attend their fashion show on Saturday 28th January. Come and support some very brave staff and students who will be strutting their stuff on the catwalk! Travelling Trends will be hosting this evening of fun and fashion which will help us raise some vital funds for the four charities we support. For more info and to purchase tickets please email k.barron@roundwoodpark.co.uk.

Please also join our event on Facebook! – http://ow.ly/otwe306TDU6

You can also purchase tickets to the event at the following link – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/charity-fashion-show-tickets-30883401084


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Introducing the SLG 2016-17……. Our new Deputy Head Girl

Five questions for Harriet Waller

Tell us something interesting about yourself?
I can do an accurate dolphin impression and I love Lego.

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you?
Driven, Considerate & Genuine (I asked)

What was the interview process like for the SLG and how did you prepare?
It was intimidating, but it was definitely worth it. A lot of my friends and family helped me to prepare and gave me advice

What is your favourite house event to date?
House Music, it was my first house event at Roundwood and I was very impressed by the scale of the production.

What is your favourite cheese and why?
Cathedral City: it’s the best on crackers.

If you could invite any guest alive or dead, to dinner who would you pick?
John Lennon, my Dad introduced me to The Beatles when I was young. I remember that ‘Abbey Road’ was the only album on my iPod when I first got it and I would listen to it on repeat.

What’s your favourite word and why?
‘Conglomeration’, I remember Doctor Who (David Tennant era, so, the best one) used it once.

House Art Results

House Teams of three Yr9 students, led by two Yr12 Art/Textile/Photography students, designed and produced an outfit created from recycled materials, including paper, card, plastic, and other creative and exciting objects to represent their House.
The wearables were modelled on the catwalk and judged on the evening as part of the Roundwood Park Fashion Show. Congratulations to all who took part at the Art Dept for running such an amazing competition.
10pts Wilberforce
9prs Owens
8pts Frank
7pts Cadbury
6pts Mandela
5pts Scott
4pts GT

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6th Form University Challenge Results

6th Form University Challenge Results

10pts Frank
9pts Owens
8pts Cadbury
7pts Scott
6pts Mandela
5pts Wilberforce
4pts GT


The event was organised and run by the Learning School captains

House Results

Staff_Bake_Off_01 netnall-02 Netball

Yr7 Netball
10pts Wilberforce
9pts Scott
8pts GT
7pts Cadbury
6pts Mandela
5pts Owens
4pt Frank

Staff Bake Off

10pts Owens
9pts Cadbury
8pts Mandela
7pts Frank
6pts GT
5pts Scott
4th Wilberforce      




cadbury charity week

Cadbury House Charity Week

Please see the following article that was featured in the Herts Ad this week – http://ow.ly/YAS0r

House Art Competition

The House Art competition and was judged at the Roundwood Park Fashion show held on the 28th January.

Please Click Here to see the presentation of the work done by the house teams.

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House Music 2015 Results

Overall Results 2015
1st Cadbury 157pts
2nd Wilberforce 146pts
3rd GT 143pts
4th Mandela & Scott
6th Frank
7th Owens

Choir Results 2015

1st Wilberforce
2nd GT
3rd Cadbury
4th Scott
5th Mandela
6th Frank
7th Owens

Performance Piece Results 2015

1st Cadbury
2nd Wilberforce & GT
4th Owens
5th Mandela
6th Frank
7th Scott

Conductor Results 2015

1st GT
2nd Wilberforce
3rd Scott & Cadbury
5th Mandela & Frank
7th Owens

A massive thank you to everyone who made tonight the success it was! Including Heads of House, the Music Masters, the SLG, SLT, Mr Gray, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Rooney and Mr Inns. Of course we must also thank Alice & Becky who held the show together! DVD’s, Pictures and videos coming shortly!

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House Music 2015

Please Click Here to see the letter regarding purchasing tickets for House Music 2015.

Becky Emmins and Alice Bateman

Community and Events Captains

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House Results – Hart Cup 2015

1st Frank 266pts
2nd Mandela 251pts
3rd Cadbury 221pts
4th Wilberforce
5th Scott
6th Grey Thompson
7th Owens