Diversity Board

One of my aims as Head Girl was to encourage more discussion about diversity, and what makes us all unique! Fortunately, I was given the platform to do this, and spent last week working with some very fantastic and talented artists from years 7-9. They spent Monday – Thursday making and decorating their masks, as well as creating a presentation that would involve them looking and learning about various cultures from their assigned continent. On Friday, we had the diversity celebration day, to celebrate all their hard work!
I tried to buy a selection of “diverse” foods from around the world, and all who took part (after wonderfully presenting their work to an audience), were able to help themselves to the food at the end!
It was such a fantastic week, and the work couldn’t have been done without the help of Mrs Hyam, Mrs Reid, Rachel Broderick, Aria Patel and Laura Bayne!
Look out for the “diversity board” that’ll be up – with all masks – soon, in the English/ Business block!
A massive thank you must also go to everyone who took part!! You’re all fantastic 😊 The judges really enjoyed watching and listening to your presentations!
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