Rachel Meyrick 2018

Rachel Meyrick (1985)

Rachel Meyrick film stillAfter school Rachel got a BA in Photography, Film and Video at the University of Westminster.  After a stint at the Film Archive in Berkhamsted she decided to become an editor.  She started in commercials in Soho and moved into feature films and documentaries.  Now she works as a documentary director but still edits.  Her last film as editor was “A Deal with the Universe” for Jason Barker which premiered to standing ovations at the BFI Flare festival in London.

Rachel has just completed her first feature documentary called “What doesn’t kill me” as director. It has it’s UK premiere at the St.Albans Film Festival on June 28th 2018.  It focuses on what happens to victims of domestic violence when they escape with their kids and the abuser decides to pursue custody.  In the majority of cases, the judge will favour the abusive father over the protective mother, a quite unbelievable fact that the film goes a long way to explain.  The same situation is rife in the UK, so at the screening there will be members of UK support groups attending the Q&A after the film’s screening, along with Rachel herself.  This is a really important film and needs to be seen to be believed, it tackles many aspects of domestic violence and it’s lead character is a hilarious, inspiring, 86 year old lady called, Charlotta who left her violent husband after 62 years of marriage and who brings hope and positivity to a difficult situation.  Rachel made this film alone taking on all the roles: camera, sound, producer, editor, tea maker and director.  The film had no budget so was made over 6 years based in Rachel’s home in Bath, whilst working on other productions in between trips to the US.