Jordan Giddings

Jordan Giddings [1985]

Jordan is Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser at the UK Government. He gained a BA in Physics from Oxford University, did a Ph.D. in particle physics at Imperial College in London, was research fellow at UCl and has held a number of senior government department [MOD, DTI] positions during that time.

Sian Slade

Sian Slade (nee Lloyd) [1985]

Following her BSc(hons) in Pharmacy from Portsmouth School of Pharmacy, Sian has gained a series of management, consultancy and directorships both in the the UK,australia and the USA. She is currently Group Director of Global Medical Information at Bristol-Myers Squib in New York.

andrew scholan 275x275

Andrew Scholan [1985]

Andrew gained a BSc (hons) 1st class in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton. He spent three years as a research assistant at the University of Cambridge and this took his career as a software specialist/engineer to remain in the Cambridge area where he is currently  Senior Embedded Software consultant at Sagentia.