Dr Kieran Nunn

Kieran Nunn (2002)

Kieran is currently an Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthetic trainee within the NHS. Prior to this Kieran’s career in medicine began with BSc in Pharmacology and then his MBBS at Kings College, London. He then spent two years at the University of Glasgow before working as a registrar in NHS Scotland.


Jaymie Kiff 2002

Jaymie Kiff [2002]

Jayme is the Director of the Bronzing Shop in Hitchin. Jaymie gained a degree in ‘Make up arts’ from the University of Bedfordshire.

Richard John [2002 ]

Richard gained an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. From there, Richard joined Tesco’s in St Albans as an analyst. Richard is currently the Project Manager at Tesco Stores in St Albans.

July 2016

Andrew Durrant 2002

Andrew Durrant [2002]

After his A levels , Andrew went on to Loughborough University to study Mechanical Engineering to gain an MEng. He also gained a diploma in Industrial Studies and is a chartered Engineer [MiMechE].  He has worked for Bentley Motors in Crewe for a number of years and has held several varied positions within the company. He is currently a Functional Project Manager at Bentley Motors.

Stephen Woodhams 2013

Stephen Woodhams [2002]

Stephen gained an MSci in neuroscience and then gained his Ph.D. in ‘spinal mechanisms of acute and chronic pain’ from the University of Nottingham in 2012. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at MTA KOKI/Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institue of  Experimental Medicine.

Kieran Nunn

Kieran Nunn [2002]

In the Sixth Form, Kieran studied Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology at A level. He was also appointed Head Boy. Kieran then went to Kings College London where he gained a BSc in Pharmacology and went on to qualify in Medicine with an MBBS. His first position as a practising doctor was at the Great Western Infirmary in Glasgow where he worked for two years as a House Doctor. Dr Nunn is currently at the Edinburgh Infirmary where he is training in Anaesthetist and Critical Care. [ He says “he did not want to waste the chemistry”]

Nick Usher 2012

Nick Usher [2002]

Following Roundwood Park, Nick attended Oaklands College in St Albans and has since established a successful career in the media business. After many years editing and producing at Pulse8 media he is currently the Editor and Producer at Ratchet Films.

Andy Gardner 03 2 368x245

Andy Gardner [2002 ]

Andy studied Engineering at the Universiity of Cambridge graduating with 1st class honours. He has worked for Arup ever since and has many years experience in structural engineering in the Uk, overseas and now in australia where he lives and works.