Flavio Gomes 2012

Flavio Gomes [2010]

Flavio joined in the 6th form (12/13BSm) and went on to City University where he gained a 1st class honours BSc in Computer Science. He is now a Computer Software Consultant at Comet Global Consulting in London.


Samantha Bufton 2014

Samantha Bufton [1991]

After  her A levels in the Sixth Form, Samantha gained a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire and then went  to the University of Oxford  to complete an MA in Business Administration.  Following extensive experience as a consultant software engineer, senior programme manager and director of products management, Samantha  is currently a Director of Products at Survey Monkey in the San Francisco area.

Mark Baddeley 2013

Mark Baddeley [1980]

After leaving Roundwood Park, Mark gained a BSc(hons) in Computer Science from Loughborough University. He moved to New Zealand where he worked extensively for the military in Architecture & Design in the New Zealand Defence Force. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer for the NZDF.

Matt Trenchard 20131

Matthew Trenchard [1996]

Matt gained a BSc(hons) in Computer Science from the University of Southampton in 2000. Keen on adventure sports, Matt started out running outdoor activity programmes in Scotland before moving to Dubai, where he works and lives. He is currently a professional Coach and Director at North Point Leadership.

Chris Gell 2013

Chris Gell [2005]

After leaving school in 2005, I graduated with a first class degree in Computer Science (BSc) from the University of Southampton. These days I am a Software Developer for a Financial Services company based in London.

Chris Heys 2012

Chris Heys [2001]

Chris graduated from the University of Southampton in 2012 with an MEng (1st class hons) in Computer Science. After gaining experience in web design and software developing, Chris is now a Graduate Engineer at Roke Manor Research.