Keziah Smith 2007

Keziah Smith [2007]

Kezi gained a bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Sheffield University and then qualified as a Tax Accountant and gained further qualifications from the Institute of Marketing. From marketing executive to Senior Associate, she is now Account Manager at Oliver UK in London.

Christopher Robert John [2005]

After his A  levels, Chris went to Sheffield University and gained a 1st class Honours BSc in Biochemistry. From there he did research in Bioinformatics at the University of Cambridge for his Ph.D.

Chris is currently (2016) a Research Associate at the University College, London, working on the bioinformatics of large scale clinical data from microarrays and RNA-seq.

Elliot Pettigrew 2008

Elliot Pettigrew (2008)

Elliot gained a BA (hons) degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield. He then gained a PGCE in elementary education and teaching from the Institute of Education ( University of London). He then experienced a variety of occupations from business credit control, crew member for Easy Jet, and two years doing Teach First at a primary school, before going back to retail management where he is currently a Planning Manager at Sainsbury’s in London.

Ellie Brand 2 2013

Ellie Brand [2008]

Ellie studied  Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and General Studies in the Sixth Form and took a year out working as a teaching assistant at the school. The following year she went up to Sheffield University to study medicine and graduated with a MBChB [1st class hons] in July 2014. She now has placements as a house doctor in Rotherham and Sheffield for the next two years.

Claire Annesley A 2014

Claire Annesley [1991]

In the Sixth Form, Claire studied Economics, French & German at A level. Claire Annesley is Professor of Politics and Director of Research in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester. She was awarded the Richard Rose Prize in 2011 by the UK Political Studies Association for her distinctive contribution to the study of British Politics. She is the winner of the 2011 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for research on Women and Politics, awarded by Iowa State University, USA, for her research on gender and executives with Karen Beckwith, Susan Franceschet and Isabelle Engeli.

In 2012 she won Best Comparative Policy Paper Award from the American Political Science Association’s Public Policy section for the paper ‘The Profile of Gender Equality Issue Attention in Western Europe’ (co-authored with Francesca Gains and Isabelle Engeli), presented at APSA 2011.

Claire is a member of the European Commission’s network on gender equality, ENEGE, and was the UK expert for its network in the fields of gender equality, social inclusion, health and long-term care (EGGSI) 2008-11.

Claire is on the Management Committee of the UK Women’s Budget Group.

Claire holds a BA in German and Politics from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and a PhD from the University of Sheffield. Claire was a visiting fellow in the Centre for the Future of the European Social Model at Georg-August-Universität-Göttingen (Sept 2005-Feb 2006) and a visiting researcher at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB) in 2002.

Most recently Claire was brought to our attention by a R4 broadcast* on on Women’s Hour.  Thanks to Ms Christine Hood who heard this.  *‎   BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, 4 December 2013 Dr  Claire Annesley speaking about budgeting for gender equality …


Francesca Solari2 2014

Francesca Solari [2007]

Having completed a BSc in Physiology with Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield and an MPhil in Respiratory Medicine from the University of Manchester, Francesca is currently studying Medicine at the University of Sheffield.

She has also offered to help out with students who are thinking of applying to study Medicine and Science degrees.

Kelly greene 2014 (1)

Kelly Greene [2009]

After leaving Roundwood I took a gap year where I did a summer season in Portugal before I did a winter ski season in Courchevel, France. I also did an 8 day hike in the Dolomites in Italy before enrolling at the University of Sheffield.

I’ve been studying Journalism at Sheffield University for the last three years and I’m due to graduate, if all goes well, this forthcoming summer [2014]. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do upon graduation, either wrangle myself a journalism internship, pursue digital marketing or run away to another country and live the life of Riley. It may not be that simple however, so I may have to persist with the former two options.

At this point I’m still a keen skier, contemplating running a marathon (should probably start with a half) and I’m wondering how long I can distract myself with this before I have to get back to revision…

Editor’s note. During her studies Kelly uses her not inconsiderable skills as an online  ‘Chat agent’ at the ‘Chat Shop’.

Stephanie Cunningham 2012

Stephanie Cunningham [2007]

Stephanie gained a law degree (LLB) from Sheffield University in 2010. She was also the publicity officer and secretary for the University Debating Society. She taught English and History at a school in Malawi for 3 months whilst at the same time working as a Youth Issues reporter at a local radio station. Since that time Stephanie has worked as an intern at Global Health Workforce Alliance near Geneva in Switzerland.

kezi Smith 2 2013

Keziah Smith [2007 ]

After leaving Roundwood, Keziah attended the University of Sheffield where she gained a Bachelor of Laws [LLB]. Keziah then took a gap year in which she worked for L’Oreal on a temporary basis before travelling around South East Asia and Indonesia for 5 months. She embarked on her professional career by joining the graduate scheme at Deloitte where she worked in international and expatriate tax for 19 months. More recently, Keziah has taken up a team coordinator role at Aon whilst she pursues a new career path. [ Revised: April 2013]


Paul Wise 2012

Paul Wise [1990]

After gaining a BSc in Urban Land Economics at Sheffield Hallam University, Paul moved into the field of corporate Real Estate and is now a Director and Head of Commercial and Property Advice at a London based Chartered Surveyors.