Kelly greene 2014 (1)

Kelly Greene [2009]

After leaving Roundwood I took a gap year where I did a summer season in Portugal before I did a winter ski season in Courchevel, France. I also did an 8 day hike in the Dolomites in Italy before enrolling at the University of Sheffield.

I’ve been studying Journalism at Sheffield University for the last three years and I’m due to graduate, if all goes well, this forthcoming summer [2014]. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do upon graduation, either wrangle myself a journalism internship, pursue digital marketing or run away to another country and live the life of Riley. It may not be that simple however, so I may have to persist with the former two options.

At this point I’m still a keen skier, contemplating running a marathon (should probably start with a half) and I’m wondering how long I can distract myself with this before I have to get back to revision…

Editor’s note. During her studies Kelly uses her not inconsiderable skills as an online  ‘Chat agent’ at the ‘Chat Shop’.