Rachel Meyrick

Rachel Meyrick’s new film ‘What doesn’t kill you’ premiers at St Albans Film festival in June.

Rachel MeyrickRachel writes

I am Roundwood alumni, I started in 1981.  I am a film maker and I have a feature documentary premiering at the St Albans Film Festival on June 28th that I directed/produced/edited, etc.  I wrote to you about it some years ago when I was fund raising.  Now it is complete and has distribution in the States, so that is good news also.

It’s set in America so it was a difficult sell to any of the UK festivals but St Albans are liking the ‘harpenden girl’ aspect to it!

Here is the website for tickets and if you want any more info about it, please let me know.

What Doesn’t Kill Me / UK Premiere / Documentary and Q&A Tickets, Thu, 28 Jun 2018 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

Do take a look at the link to preview the documentary film and hopefully book tickets.


Alex Rollings 2010

Alex Rollings (2010)

Alex studied Illustration & Visual Communication at Westminster University before going on to develop his entrepreneurial and creative skills in a range of enterprises. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Creative Debuts based in London.


Emma Hopkinson (2007)

Emma attended the University of Westminster and gained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) in Commercial Law and Spanish. During this period she attended the University of Alicante gaining a B.A. in Law & Arabic.

 Emma has since pursued a career in lettings and property management, gaining experience in a number of organisations. She is currently the Lettings Manager at Eden Harper (London) and the Director of Example Enterprises Ltd. in St Albans.

Emma Hopkinson 2007

Emma Hopkins [2007]

Emma gained a BA hons in Commercial law and Spanish from the University of Westminster and during that time she spent a year in Spain studying Law & Arabic. She then gained professional qualifications leading to her role as, initially, a lettings negotiator to her current position as a Lettings Manager at Eden Harper Ltd in London.